ACDLA $10,000Cosmetic Dental Grant Program

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Find a Dentist Now! is your #1 resource for locating a high quality dentist in California.

To begin your search to find a high quality dentist or even a high quality cosmetic dentist select the "Find a Dentist Now" link above. Once you begin your search for a dentist you will see a list of cities in California that have an advertised dental practice on this website. Many of the listed dentists on are also listed as registration dental offices for the American Cosmetic Dental Laboratories Association $5000 cosmetic dental grant campaign. Any dental patient can register to win the $5000 cosmetic dental grant by visiting a specific registration office available through the website. You can learn more and register for the American Cosmetic Dental Laboratories Cosmetic Dental Grant Program by selecting the link on the left side of this page. Simply register online by choosing from our list of participating dentists. Once you have registered online you must become a dental patient of record at the dentist office that you selected in our dental list. Should you be awarded the $5000 cosmetic dentistry grant, a check will be sent on your behalf to the office holding your registration. All dentistry or cosmetic dentistry must be received through the office where you registered. If you are looking for a dentist office or a cosmetic dentist office outside of the state of California then consider the following websites:

Dentist Directory